Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
On March 14, 2011, Microsoft released Windows Internet Explorer 9 as the newest version of the browser available for download. This version is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista workstation operating systems; Windows XP or earlier operating systems are not certified with Windows Internet Explorer 9. We have been informed that when using I-Bank or e-Corp you could experience display issues. Enabling Compatibility View on you workstation can alleviate these issues. Please refer to Microsoft on enabling this feature.
Adobe Reader 9.4.2
When using Adobe Reader 9.4.2 users may not be able to view PDF statements during their online banking session. I-Bank and e-Corp function appropriately when Adobe Reader versions earlier than 9.4.2 or subsequent versions such as Adobe Reader X (10.0) are installed on workstations. This issue is only encountered with Adobe Reader 9.4.2.